Thursday, June 9, 2011

No minority oppression in Mizoram, says NCM vice-chairman

Source: UNI,
Aizawl, Jun 6 (UNI) The National Commission for Minorities (NCM) Vice-Chairman H T Sangliana has observed that there is no serious oppression against minorities in Mizoram while not ruling out lack of adequate attention to them.

''I have seen no serious minority oppression in Mizoram. However, I feel that adequate attention has not been given to them in terms of development,'' Mr Sangliana told reporters here this morning, hours before he flew back to Delhi after a weeklong visit to the state.

During the last week, the NCM vice-chairman toured areas inhabited by minorities and discussed their situation of representatives of the minority communities like Chakma, Bru, Lai, Mara and Hmar.

He said the state government and the people of Mizoram should ensure that the minorities get their rightful opportunities in education and other development programmes.

He found that the minorities, particularly the Chakmas and the Brus, who inhabited southern and western parts of Mizoram respectively, are very backward in education and economic sectors.

Saying that state minority commission is yet to be set up in Mizoram, Mr Sangliana urged the state government to set up the commission at the earliest possible time to ensure faster development of the minorities.

He was happy that the state government had formed a committee to identify cremation ground in Aizawl for Hindu and other communities.

On the alleged Chakma infiltration, Sangliana found the complaints not genuine, he said, ''We have received a lot of complaints about Chakma infiltration. But there were no supportive evidences.

The vice-chairman suggested vigilance to check infiltration of any tribes from the neighbouring countries.

Mr Sangliana also endorsed the long-standing demand for OBC status by Gorkha community in Mizoram, which has been strongly opposed by social organisations in Mizoram.

''The Gorkhas have been living peacefully with the majority Mizos for more than 100 years. Due to their deprivation of OBC status, the Gorkhas remain backward educationally and economically. Educated Gorkha youths longed to become engineers and doctors but could not fulfill their dreams because they don’t have reservation as minorities,'' he said.

Saying that the Gorkhas are one the most peace-loving and law-abiding communities and that there is no threat of infiltration from outside, the NCM saw no reason for the Mizos to fear demographic invasion due to granting OBC status to the Gorkhas.

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