Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Massacre of Jummas in Bangladesh: Protest to be held in Delhi

Since 19 February 2010, the Bangladesh Army and the Bengali settlers have burnt down over 300 houses belonging to indigenous peoples (Jummas), mainly of Chakma tribe, dozens have been killed in indiscriminate firings and dozens others are still missing. Over 15 Jumma villages have been burnt down. The victims are all Jummas. Those killed included Chakmas, Mizos, Mogs etc. However, only seven Chakma victims have been identified so far. It is important to note that Jummas in CHT consist of 12 major tribes, including Chakmas and Mizos.

One Buddhist Temple, one Church and one United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)-run health centre have been burnt to ashes by the Bengali settlers and the Bangladesh Army.

Over 1500 Jummas have been displaced and living either in forests or under the open sky as no relief and rehabilitation has been provided to the displaced persons.

Curfew has been clamped down and the Bangladesh Army has prevented any independent observers such as human rights activists and journalists from the visiting the affected areas. This is to hide the truth from the outside world. Journalists trying to cover the attacks have been assualted. On the other hand, the illegal Bengali settlers are moving freely under the protection of the army to attack the Jumma peopels.

The Bangladesh security forces have been arresting the Jummas, including those who have gone to the government hospitals for receiving treatment of bullet wounds. This is horrific and inhuman. Yet, there is no protest from the government of India for massacre of religious minorities in Bangladesh, although the government of India has been quick, quite rightly, to condemn the killing of two Sikhs by Talibans in Pakistan. Worst, no mainstream newspapers/ news media in India has reported the wanton killings and attacks on religious minorities in Bangladesh, although the killing of two Sikhs continued to grab the headlines in all national dailies.

The New Delhi-based Asian Centre for Human Rights ( has brought out a report titled, "Bangladesh: IPs massacred for Land Grab" which is available at

The attacks have spread further to Kagrachhari district. The Jumma villages are still burning. Read,

Protest demonstration in Delhi tomorrow:

To protest agaisnt the barbaric massacre of Jummas in Bangladesh and attacks on minority religious institutions, the Chakmas have planned to organize a protest rally tomorrow, 25 February 2010 at Jantar Mantar, Delhi.

The detailed informations will be available later today....

If any body wants to participate, they are most welcome.

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