Monday, June 22, 2009

Rs 3 crores border fencing compensation siphoned off in Mizoram?

According to a news item appearing in The Shillong Times dated 22 June 2009, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Mizoram unit filed a complaint with the police alleging that over Rs 3 crore meant for compensating the victims of the India-Bangladesh border fencing has been siphoned off.

The news report stated –

"The Mizoram BJP on Sunday alleged that the compensation meant for affected people of the India-Bangladesh border fencing amounting to Rs 3,02,42,500 has been siphoned off.
State BJP information secretary K Lalchhanhima said the compensation to the tune of Rs 95,87,300 for landowners of Jarulsury-Kukurduley sector had been drawn under 30 fictitious names or land passes, while another Rs 2,06,55,200 for Kukurduley-Borakobakali sector had even been drawn the same way under 60 fictitious names or land passes.

The BJP further alleged that three officials siphoned off the money for their relatives. ''Of the Rs 7,87,70,250 sanctioned, Rs 3,02,42,500 has been diverted, '' he stated

The party had filed an FIR with the Lawngtlai police station, he said and demanded the Congress government to book the culprits and ensure that the money reaches the true landowners."


hiramonichakma said...

I am really grateful to BJP, for thier strong support and cooperation. The compensation money or funds should be reached only to eligible or right victims and it should be done strongly acccording to the judegement and correct investigation. The official should meet the victims personally and hold a dialogue with them.In many villages, what it happens is that the villagers could not allow to express their freedomm or expressions and their voices could not be heard by the Government.So it is the right time, to visit every villages and amke an strong enquiry so that fictious and cheated persons should be bring to justice and most important is that the Village Council President should not play any role and they are not allowed to interfere. Let the truth alone triumphs.

Shanti Bikash said...

It is really a depressing news to hear it. Well, all the credit goes to BJP. The compensation are means for the affected people of the Indo-Bangla border. But some of the culprits had withdrawn with the fictious name which I called it as illegal. The investigation should be made thoroughly and come to the justice. They should be punished or have to pay a penalty for the fraud.

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