Friday, March 27, 2009

Lal Thanhawla government must cancel all “backdoor appointments” to fight corruption

By Paritosh Chakma

Yesterday, i.e. on 26 March 2009, Minister of Personnel & Administrative Reforms, H Liansailova made a shocking revelation in the State Assembly of Mizoram. He stated that 1,730 “backdoor appointments” had taken place in various government departments during the last five years of MNF rule. Except for 41 appointments, the rest had taken place without advertisements, which means that the right persons had not been appointed for public services.

These included three veterinary doctors, nine accountants, nine cashiers, 36 coordinators, 17 data entry operators, one PA to SSA project director, 35 project assistants, 52 group D officers, three riders, two assistant engineers, seven junior engineers, 80 upper primary teachers, 1363 education volunteers, one sub-inspector, five ASI (M)s, 41 constables and 66 medical officers, the minister informed.

This also proves that corruption is deep – rooted in Mizoram. Of course, every one of us knows of it but the admission by a cabinet minister this time has officially confirmed it.

The Congress party had rode to power on the wave of promises to provide a corruption- free administration and good governance. If it is committed to root out corruption from public domain it must take measures to annul all such illegal appointments as these actions had clearly violated Article 16 providing for “Equality of opportunity in matters of public employment”, among others, and take legal action against the accused. All such posts must be advertised again for appointment of suitable candidates.

Such stringent actions are necessary not to show the MNF in poor light but to restore the faith of the people on the present government. By taking proper legal actions, Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla can demonstrate that his administration has “zero tolerance” against corruption and stands in favor of transparent, efficient and good governance.

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