Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Indian Chakmas protest attacks on Buddhists in Bangladesh

The Buddhist world erupted in protests against the attacks on Buddhist & Hindu temples by Muslim religious fanatics in Cox's Bazar and Chittagong Districts of Bangladesh on the evening of 29 September to the next morning.  According to New Delhi based Asian Centre for Human Rights, 24 temples, including 22 Buddhist temples and two Hindu temples were attacked and burnt down, while at least 100 minority houses were torched in the attacks by Muslims that lasted from the evening of 29 September upto the next morning. One of the Buddhist temples which were burnt down was 250 years old! See photos

The Chakmas of Mizoram joined the worldwide protests today as thousands marched peacefully in the heart of Kamala Nagar, Chakma Autonomous District Council of Mizoram, holding banners and placards with different slogans. The protest was organized by the Mizoram Bhikkhu Sangha and Mizoram Buddhist Association and supported by all NGOs in the Chakma heartland.

The Buddhist Chakmas also submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Ms Sheikh Haisna through its High Commissioner in New Delhi. The Memorandum stated, “the recent well organized atrocities on 29th September 2012 which caused destruction of several Buddhist and Hindu Temples and attacked on religious minorities in Ramu and in some other minority domain places under Cox’s Bazar District of Bangladesh is … a gross violation of humanity”. They sought protection of the religious minorities under the Constitution of Bangladesh, reconstruction of the damaged temples, compensation and proper rehabilitation of displaced families, and swift punishment of those involved in the gruesome attacks.

Yesterday, the Chakmas and Hindus of Tripura took out a massive protest rally in Agartala. Some photos below:

Also read, "Mizoram Chakmas protest attacks on Buddhists in Bangladesh", merinews.com


Arunachal Chakma News said...

Good blog. Keep sharing on blog such News of Chakma Community. Thanks Paritosh Chakma, nice to see your supper blog.

Anonymous said...

Nice blogspot,sir.I feel sorry for poor indian policies.damn...we lost the chance to gain chatgaon area,we could have formed another state..chakma pradesh or something,having sea access,but these are now dreams only.

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