Thursday, June 11, 2015

No cooperation to target Chakmas only; Yes, to detect all illegal immigrants from Bangladesh irrespective of their identity based on race, says CYCA

By Paritosh Chakma

Reacting to this news report titled “YMA U-turn on census of Chakmas” appearing in The Times of India, Guwahati, dated 8th June 2015, the Central Young Chakma Association (CYCA), the largest voluntary organization of the minority Chakma community of Mizoram has strongly asserted that no agreement was signed with its counterpart, the Central Young Mizo Association to identify ONLY Chakma illegal foreigners from Bangladesh but that an agreement was signed between CYCA and CYMA to “cooperate with the State Government in the execution of the orders from the home ministry, Govt of India to set up special task force to detect illegal immigrants from Bangladesh irrespective of their identity based on race.”

The Special Task Force must identify any illegals from Bangladesh - whether they be Chakma, Mizo/Lushai, Bawm, Pankhua, Lai, Mara, Bru, Hmar or of any denomination, who may have entered Mizoram illegally. The government in this process has to follow ALL rules and regulations as laid down by MHA and the NHRC (in the case of Chakmas). The governmental efforts to detect foreigners must also include the illegal Myanmarese migrants in Mizoram. The law does not allow any communal activity to target any particular community based on ethnicity, race or religion.

The Central Young Chakma Association has also demolished the claims made by the Central Young Mizo Association on "abnormal" increase in Chakma population and other issues by citing government of Mizoram's own data on population growth which stands totally opposite of Mizo NGOs' allegations.

So, stop spreading anti-Chakma rumours. Know yourself about the Chakmas' growth rate in Mizoram.  Read this news report of The Mizoram post, 11 June 2015.

Readers interested to know more about this subject, may also read my earlier post, 

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