Thursday, December 1, 2011

Virtual identity

Paritosh Chakma: that is not

In today’s world, everyone ought to have a “virtual existence”. If you don’t, you are out-dated. Therefore, even Chakma people from remotest areas like Nunsury village on the India-Bangladesh border of Mizoram are active on the online world which provides you a “virtual existence”. They are uploading information and photos of every life.

Any existence must have an identity. Now, the Chakma netizens have come out with a unique concept and they are enjoying it. The Unique Identification (UID) Number of the Government of India may be steeped in controversies, this Chakma project of similar nature is going viral in the Facebook.

“The Government of the United Royal Chakma Kingdom” – a virtual country of the Chakmas - has started issuing National Identity Cards to all its “citizens”. The project will cover entire Chakmas on planet earth. This mindboggling project is being handled by very sophisticated CIN (Chakma Information Network)

I too applied for my National ID card and got it. Have a look. Isn’t it wonderful?

However, not everyone is eligible. Every country has its own laws, rules and regulations. In this virtual Chakma country, only “Chakma” or “Changma” are eligible to apply for National ID Cards. If you are not one of these, you will be outrightly denied an ID Card in United Royal Chakma Kingdom, like this friend of mine. 

Paritosh Chakma: that is

Currently, Paritosh is editing "The Chakma Voice – Global Edition 2011", which is to be released on 31st December 2011. It is a mammoth task, but his team is going strong.

Wish me best luck.

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Rajarshi Chakma said...

nice...enjoyed readin it.the ids designed were superb..feel sorry for chaangma ashish...though i feel republic would be better.

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