Thursday, September 8, 2011

SOJAAK, August 2011 issue

We have recently launched an online monthly magazine called "SOJAAK" (Alert, in Chakma). I am one of the editors of this online magazine.

You may be interested to read its very first edition, which is still fresh.

You may be also interested in my article "Indian Independence and the Chakmas: The forgotten story and the sorry state of affairs"

Read it here: SOJAAK (August 2011 issue)


tapo said...

I hav read the issue n like it very much.I m doing a seminar paper presentation on chakma problems of both in north east n CHT hope this issue or the Sojaak will be very helpful.thanks to shymal chakma for giving the information about the Sojaak.

Paritosh Chakma said...

Dear, if you are interested in Chakma issues/problems esp in North East India, kindly read The Chakma Voice newsletter published bi-monthly by a group called Mizoram Chakma Development Forum.So far, seven issues have been published. You can find them here:

Chakma NGOs demand citizenship for 1L Chins from Myanmar settled in Mizoram

The Hindu, 30 January 2019