Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A misunderstanding?

By Paritosh Chakma

A friend of mine is ill. Yesterday, he consulted a doctor in West Delhi. Today, I have just returned from the same doctor’s clinic and I am sharing a curious incident that happened with me.

I entered into the clinic with the x-ray and blood test reports in my hand at around 6 pm. It is a small clinic and I went straight to the front desk, and repeated what I always say when I go to see a doctor in my broken Hindi: "Doctor saab se milnaa hain’’, quickly adding "Ye reports dekhaanaa hain’’ showing him the medical reports (I wish to meet the doctor to show him these reports).

He asked me to sit down on the sofa and wait. I began reading the newspapers kept there on the rack.

I read. I waited. There were a few patients who had been waiting before I entered.

As I was still reading the pages, the last patient was called in. I thought it was my turn next. But another old lady came and was allowed to see the doctor ahead of me. Me thought it was ok since she was a senior citizen.

Meantime I continued reading again. I waited endlessly but patiently.

I finished reading the Mail Today and The Hindustan Times!!

However, I saw that the assistant at the front desk allowed another patient to see the doctor, but not me. (There was the third who has come by then.)

This time I went to him and protested. Below was the conversation between him and me.

Me: Hello! Why are you not allowing me to see the doctor?
He: So you also want to consult the doctor?
Me: Why the hell I am waiting for so long?
He: I thought you wanted to ‘meet’ him
Me: What?

Then my phone began to ring. It was my sister.

He: Sorry sir, I did not understand you well. I thought….
Me: Is it? - Tik hain, cholo jaane do (Its ok, let it go), I said and entered the doctor’s room.

After seeing the doctor, I began to think. I am still thinking: Was it really only a misunderstanding?

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