Wednesday, July 15, 2009

NHRC criticized

New Delhi based Asian Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) in a recent report analyzed the functioning of the National Human Rights Commission. ACHR has been critical of NHRC in areas where the NHRC failed to provide justice to the victims while adjudicating their complaints. In its report “ACHR’s action against torture and other forms of human rights violations in India”, the ACHR gives several instances in which the NHRC, which is a civil court, allegedly dismissed the cases simply on the basis of the reports received from the concerned authorities but without hearing the complainants. This forced ACHR to file 29 writ petitions against the NHRC in the Delhi High Court for the Commission's "violations of the principles of natural justice". See ACHR's press release:

In an interview, the director of ACHR Mr Suhas Chakma told Tehelka, “India has an abysmal human rights record. Even over the span of a decade the degree of violations has remained static simply because you cannot prosecute yet for human rights violations and still need the approval of the government. How can such a policy inculcate a fear of law?

Read the full report “ACHR’s action against torture and other forms of human rights violations in India” here:

Read Tehelka’s wonderful article “See no evil, hear no evil” regarding the same at:

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