Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Language discrimination in Mizoram: see the proof

I am writing as follow up of my previous post “Brazen violations of the rights of the linguistic minorities in Mizoram”. I have consistently stated that the state of Mizoram discriminates against the linguistic minorities, including in employment.

The state of Mizoram has framed such Recruitment Rules which makes Mizo (the state official language) to be studied up to Middle School level , i.e. Class VII for a candidate to be eligible for jobs. (For the list of Recruitment Rules see,

The state of Mizoram confirmed to the National Commissioner Linguistic Minority, a constitutional body to look after the affairs of the linguistic minorities in India, that “knowledge of Mizo is a pre requisite for recruitment” (see the 41st Report of the Commissioner Linguistic Minorities). The Linguistic Commissioner remarked that -“In such a case there s no chance for linguistic minorities to get Government jobs." It partly explains as to why the representation of non-Mizos like Chakmas and Reangs in government departments is so negligible.

Linguistic minorities in India have been given several important safeguards, one of them being:
“No insistence upon knowledge of State’s Official Language at the time of recruitment"
But this safeguard is being willfully violated by the state of Mizoram.

Many of you could think or say that I am talking nonsense. That is why this time I won’t write much but let the proof I am attaching to do the talk. Click the images

In February 2008, an examination was held by government of Mizoram for selection of primary Hindi teachers. In this very exam, 50% of the questions were in fact set in Mizo language, which, as any sane individual will admit, the linguistic minorities such as Chakmas, Nepalis or Bengalis or Gorkhas or Reangs, who are citizens of Mizoram, will find difficult, if not impossible, to answer. This is against the fundamental right to equality and non-discrimination in state employment.

See for yourself the question paper (in two pages)


Anonymous said...

Mr Liar Chakma, the images you posted are not pages of the same question paper.

You are such a brazen liar you will not be ashamed.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You do not want to publish my comment?

You will be retaliated more than you expect... brazen, shameless perverted liar!

The latter question is from a Mizo exam paper from a certain school... Stop lying for Chakmas...

Paritosh Chakma said...

By calling me "liar" does not change the facts on the ground in Mizoram. Facts are facts. The question paper is real. But if u look through "jaundiced eyes", u wont be able to see the truth.

Anonymous said...

Anyway... I am not biased against Chakmas. But I hate lies.

The question papers are from different exams.

To conclude, your blog is quite readable, but you have not updated it lately...?

Paritosh Chakma said...

I have the question paper with me. So, I have written about it..

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