Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Clarification: My blog is not anti-Mizo

Dear all,

I have learnt with deepest sorrow that my blog is being dubbed as “anti-Mizo” blog. (Clarify from Is twitter promoting anti-Mizo blog posts? in, and “Why is promoting anti-Mizo blog posts?” from Rapha’s blog.)

I take these allegations (or such misunderstandings) very seriously as I do not want to be, or intend to be, another head-hunter but my entire cause is to fight for what is right and against injustice.

I have also left clarifications both in and Rapha’s blog.

Elsewhere while debating racism in the North East India I have stated - “I have never said or suggested that entire Mizos are racists. Mizo society is one of the finest and best we have in the world. I always exhort my fellow Chakmas to learn from the Mizo society – their hospitality, their goodness, cleanliness and progressiveness. In fact, what I want to say is Chakmas face most discrimination from the state, not Mizo public. This institutionalized discrimination (for whatever reasons) must change and Mizoram government must take minorities along to the path of development. True development is inclusive and equitable developement. Mizoram must aspire just towards that.”(

In my blog I write to highlight the problems (including discrimination) faced by the Chakmas from the government of Mizoram, not the general Mizo public. I firmly believe that Mizoram can truely develop only when all sections of people are developed in all parameters of human development index. If anybody is concerned that government of Mizoram means “mizos” – well it’s like considering the government of India belongs to, and means, the “Hindustanis” (Hindi-speaking people). Surely, government of Mizoram is not synonymous with the Mizos (public). All of us (voters of all communities) elect the government of Mizoram and hence, it is our government. The State must be fair to all and work towards everyone's welfare. It cannot discriminate against any community or person and deny them their fundamental rights. If any citizen of Mizoram does not want to see any blot on Mizoram (the state), it is like not wanting to see or hear any criticism about India in the international forums. But we (including the North Eastern people and NGOs) do strongly and rightly criticise India for her wrong policies including the Armed Forces Special Powers Act in various UN forums. We cannot turn blind eye to the wrong policies of the state and must fight for justice.

I do not harbour any ill feeling towards any community, including the Mizo brethrens, in my writings and in my blog. I am convinced that no one gains by scoring against another community. But we must be bold enough to face the truth and stand by the truth.

To repeat myself, I consider that Mizos are wonderful and fantastic people and anybody who has visited Mizoram during the rainy days would come to know how helpful and united Mizos are. Whenever there are any road blockades due to landslide, Mizo passengers – both men and women jump out and help clear the hurdle in the rain. Anybody who watches silently from inside the bus or car is bound to feel ashamed by witnessing the spirit of the people there.

My fight is not directed against any Mizo or Mizo community as such. But my struggle has been to highlight various problems and denials and deprivations faced by Chakmas in Mizoram due to apathy of the state government. In some cases there are institutionalized discrimination by the state. For example discrimination against linguistic minorities through Recruitment Rules, denial of development by non-implementation of BADP funds to benefit the targeted population in the border areas etc. I write the facts and I stand by what I write. I do not write baseless allegations. I welcome debate and discussions on all matters that come up in my blog.

I also feel that any post elsewhere which originate from my blog should be linked to the original post of my blog for healthy understanding and discussion.


Paritosh Chakma

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